Who is the Pluralist Resistance? Criteria for inclusion

This semester our team is starting to build a comprehensive database of the groups and leaders working to combat (White) Christian Nationalism. We call this loosely defined set of groups and leaders the Pluralist Resistance.

We define this field broadly, recognizing that this work is happening across numerous institutional fields; across party lines; across religious, racial and other social divides; and from the local to the transnational level.

Nonetheless, in an effort to create some boundaries around the field, we have identified five criteria for inclusion. Efforts need to fulfill at least one in order to be considered part of this field.

explicitly critiquing (White) Christian Nationalism by name

working to overcome issues associated with (White) Christian Nationalism (e.g., disinformation, prejudices, divided congregations, etc.)

critiquing a mythological history of the US that frames it as a divinely inspired Christian nation/project

promoting a more complete and critical history of the US

critiquing a vision of American identity that centers white Christians and explicitly or implicitly excludes religious-racial minorities

promoting a vision of American identity that recognizes/celebrates diversity/multiculturalism/pluralism

Let us know if you think we are missing something, or if you want to suggest a group or leader to be considered as part of the database.