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The Meanings of Democracy Lab's Research Team collaborates with Dr. Ruth Braunstein on a variety of research projects related to the contested moral and cultural foundations of American politics. Current projects focus on the moral meanings of taxpaying (including debates about the public funding of abortion) and battles over American identity and history. 

This is where we will post general updates on our research, and short research briefs by members of the Research Team!

Research Briefs

Coming Soon: “Taxpayer-Funded” Abortion?

During Fall 2021, our Research Team analyzed the debate surrounding the use of “taxpayer money” to fund abortion. From debates about whether the Hyde Amendment should be repealed to whether Planned Parenthood should be defunded, Americans across the political spectrum have turned their attention to this question. While Americans’ opinions on the matter map closely onto […]

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Meanings of Democracy Lab Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of the Meanings of Democracy Lab, founded and directed by UConn sociologist Dr. Ruth Braunstein. Several big questions animate how Americans engage in civic and political life: Who counts as a “real” American? What is required of a “good” citizen? Is American democracy flourishing or floundering? In today’s deeply […]

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